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Leading and Communicating Through Change


Leaders navigating these challenging times must examine their approach to leading people, processes, and systems if they are to attract and retain top performers in today’s performer’s market.

The Keys to Effective Executive Communication

Every level of advancement calls on a different set of skills, especially communication. In fact, many leaders mistakenly believe that the way in which they communicated prior to their promotion is what will help them maintain and thrive at their new level. However, once they realize that their current way of thinking and communicating is not yielding the results they desire, they quickly come to understand a new playbook is in order.  

Compliance to Connection: Leadership that Gets Results

Leading people is easy. Connecting is complex but leads to more sustainable achievements. Learn how to make deep connections that increase followership and ownership.

Practicing Leadership Leads to Progress and Productivity

Learning to practice cognition is the key to next-level achievement. Identify strategies that will boost your confidence, capabilities, and credibility to influence sustainable change.

Cognitive Leadership: From Dysfunction to Distinction


No one wants to think they’re dysfunctional. Instead focus on your individual and combined unique strengths to establish a practice framework for leadership norms that result in high-functioning leadership behaviors and executive mastery.

How to
Ask for It and Get It

Negotiation is as much a skill as it is a technique. Skill is your ability to choose the right technique to ask for and get what you want. Learn the differences and how to master negotiation techniques to bring about favorable outcomes.


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