Executive Leadership Coaching

What is Executive Leadership Coaching?

Executive Leadership Coaching is professional coaching focused on developing executive-level leadership skills — the technical and social skills needed to drive change, manage complexity and conflict, build high-performing teams, and maintain a solid personal foundation to thrive under pressure and sometimes scrutiny.

Pam’s Difference

Pam is a pioneer when it comes to scenario-based coaching. During her 12+ years of coaching leaders and executives, Pam discovered that leaders invest more in the development of others than they do themselves. She found that they stopped taking their development seriously. This means that their company is trying to achieve a competitive advantage with leaders who do not acclimatize their skills.

Gain a competitive advantage by learning the skills of current business demands

Executive Leadership Coaching will help

  • Clarify your role and ensure it is aligned with the organization’s priorities
  • Create collaborative experiences
  • Identify and modify behaviors that may impede your leadership ability
  • Uncover and address obstacles that could sabotage your success
  • Navigate how to work with difficult people and how to resolve complex situations
  • Determine the actions to take and the path to realizing your goals
  • Get real, direct, empathetic, and valuable feedback from a trusted partner and advisor.

How it Works


Initial Interview

We’ll connect with a strategy call to determine what’s going on and determine if we’re a good fit for each other. If your need for coaching is work sponsored, an interview and conversation with your immediate supervisor will help us create a supportive circle of accountability for your success.



I use assessments and interviews to understand your communication and leadership styles, how your role is aligned with the organization’s priorities, and to determine existing gaps in expectations, performance, conceptual skills, social skills, and goals.



Together, we’ll determine if any obstacles prevent you from achieving your goals and work together to uncover the options available to you for your success.


Goal Setting

Establishing solid goals and determining the best action for immediate and sustained shifts to produce the most significant impact. Together, we’ll set goals and develop your customized action plan, one that involves leading teams, creating collaborative experiences, giving feedback, executive presence, and conceptual and social skill development.


Customized Learning Experiences (optional)

You’ll be assigned leader and executive-level practice scenarios or micro-learning videos and worksheets relevant to your leadership goals to reinforce or help you establish a growth mindset – one that is agile, business-focused, and results in productivity and personal satisfaction. Your customized learning experience, an approach rooted in cognitive psychology, is a learning process that will enhance and expedite behavior change, establish positive habits, reduce bias, and improve competency.



I work with some clients for a few months and others for up to a year or more. Every client situation is unique. But when the time comes to transition, we’ll put together a transition plan for the sustainability of your success. This includes a follow-on call in a few months.

Coaching Topics
The exchange of information and ideas between individuals or groups. Effective communication involves using clear, concise language, listening actively, and adapting to the audience's needs and preferences in order to facilitate understanding and achieve mutual goals.
The ability to recognize and understand one's own emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Developing self-awareness allows individuals to gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses, make more mindful and intentional decisions, and improve their relationships with others.
The ability to affect the thoughts, feelings, or behaviors of others. Through effective communication, personal credibility, and persuasive skills, individuals can influence others in order to achieve a desired outcome or reach a common goal.
Relationship Building & Repair
The process of establishing and cultivating connections with others. This involves actively listening, showing empathy, and demonstrating trustworthiness and reliability in order to develop mutually beneficial, long-term relationships.
Conflict Management & Resolution
The process of identifying and addressing disputes or disagreements between individuals or groups. This involves effective communication, active listening, and a willingness to compromise in order to find a mutually acceptable solution and restore harmony.
Leading Through Change
The process of implementing and supporting organizational change in a planned and effective manner. This involves identifying the need for change, communicating the vision and plan to all stakeholders, and providing the necessary resources and support to ensure that the change is successful and sustainable.
Delegation & Empowerment
The process of assigning tasks and responsibilities to others in order to achieve a common goal. This involves identifying the tasks that can be delegated, choosing the right individuals to delegate to, providing clear instructions and support, and monitoring progress to ensure that the delegated tasks are completed effectively. Delegation allows leaders to utilize the strengths of their team members and ensure that tasks are completed efficiently and effectively.
Executive Presence
The combination of qualities and characteristics that make an individual appear confident, credible, and capable as a leader. This can include factors such as body language, communication style, dress and appearance, and ability to influence and inspire others. Developing executive presence can help leaders to command respect, earn trust, and inspire confidence in their team and stakeholders.
Building Effective Teams
The process of creating a cohesive and productive team by fostering a positive work environment, promoting collaboration and communication, and developing the skills and abilities of individual team members. This can involve activities such as team-building exercises, goal setting, feedback and coaching, and regular communication and recognition. Effective team building can help to improve team performance, foster a positive workplace culture, and achieve common goals.
First Time Leader / Executive Assimilation
The process of integrating a new executive into an organization and supporting them as they become familiar with the company's culture, processes, and objectives. This can involve activities such as providing a mentor or buddy, conducting regular check-ins, and providing resources and support to help the new executive get up to speed quickly and effectively. Executive assimilation can help to ensure that new executives are able to contribute to the organization as soon as possible and minimize the disruption caused by their transition.
Coaching to fit your needs.


Team Training is perfect for elevating entire departments (HR, Marketing, Support)


Get one-on-one guidance for new leaders or seasoned veterans for a different perspective


Want me to come to your organization to get first hand knowledge? We can make that happen


Tight on time but still want some guidance from afar, we can accommodate.

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