Perhaps You Need a New Vision?

During this time of year, many people, myself included, struggle with what’s ahead. So we hop on board the New Year with frantically written New Year’s resolutions that rarely fill the void that links one season to the next. As I prepare to write my dissertation this year, I, too, experienced my own disorienting dilemma, so to speak. I had been expressing to colleagues that I felt a change was impending, but I wasn’t sure what that was. Would I finally give in to various client requests and become the in-house executive coach of my dreams? Would I be ok focusing on a corporate gig giving up my coaching and consulting practice to concentrate on one employer? Hearing from many trusted advisors who offered lots of great advice, it was my husband’s statement that made me freeze in my tracks:

Perhaps, babe, you need a new vision.

As we talked, he helped me realize that I had fulfilled so many of my dreams and was about to close another huge door for me, earning a Ph.D. in Leadership. I had checked a number of boxes in my career and was reaching the precipice of yet another endeavor that had eluded me for years. Now what? That was really at the core of what was troubling me. What we rarely discuss is:

The price you pay to achieve your dreams and goals.

There have been many sacrifices while starting and growing several businesses, transitioning a brand multiple times, balancing work and family, and attending to one’s own mental, emotional, and physical needs. I now stand at a place of evaluation. While I would do it all again to get to this place, I have to ask myself, what’s next?

I don’t want to do it all again.

I stand at a precipice. What does the future hold? Here’s what I resolve to do with this question:

– Reevaluate my mission and vision. What, if anything, has changed about the future I want to create? How does it influence my aspiration for the future? What adjustments do I need to make?

– Create a wider margin. This is about working smarter. I’m going to expand my margin personally and professionally.

– Enjoy the journey. I’m not a traditional leader. I’m pretty unconventional and I so enjoy drumming to a different beat. I’ve picked up a growing audience of unconventional drummers, so we’ll continue making music and having the time of our lives.

My hope for you this year is that you stand back and take account of your wins. You’ve had them, so inhale them with a deep breath and enjoy the aroma of each and every one. Then, look around, and while thinking about your accomplishments, ask yourself, “Is it time for a new vision?”