Lead with Intentionality, Influence and Impact – Part 2

1. Give your team ownership over their own projects. Let them take control and provide creative input. Give them credit where it is due. Make them proud to be completing work that has their name on it.

2. Explain WHAT and WHY, not HOW. Instead of telling your team that they need to do X, tell them you need to accomplish Y by Z (timeframe). Then they can decide how best to meet that goal in a timely manner.

3. Allow your team to work in the way that best suits them. That might mean offering flextime or letting them decide in what order to tackle tasks.  Allow them to work to their strengths and adapt as needed. This is a great way to ensure they stay engaged and motivated.

When you empower your team, your role changes, your mission is now to nurture the passions and skills of your team – not to try and control their every move. With a motivated team, the stress of leadership is no longer terrifying!