Resolving Conflict at Work

Conflict occurs when one individual’s world view of a situation is clashing with another’s, and because we’re hard-wired for negativity, our conscious and subconscious minds seek to protect our mental models. This makes the process of working through conflict seem insurmountable. 

If you want productivity, cross-functional collaboration, and to ensure the organization’s values and ethics are applied in even the most challenging situations, then you’ll want to apply the methods outlined in this program. 

In today’s global work environment, where social, personal and political issues invade the workplace and interfere with productivity and the achievement of organizational goals, leaders are faced with having to quickly diffuse and address heightened emotions while also maintaining a satisfactory level of productivity.

In this program, learn how to be an intentional communicator and to help others improve cross-functional, interpersonal and team communication. Not only will you understand the various types of conflict, your conflict style, the approaches to resolving conflict, you’ll also be able to apply specific steps for you to strengthen communication and interpersonal interaction more broadly throughout the organization. 


  • Understand how to coach others to a higher level of intelligence and influence.
  • Learn how good conflict can actually boost the company’s bottom line when properly managed. 
  • How to adopt a change management strategy that addresses conflict as a key element of change.
  • Discover key strategies that HR needs to execute to facilitate a thoughtful discussion about potential disrupts to the organization.


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