Pamela J. Green Partnership Program

Contact us today and tell us about your promotional ideas and marketing goals. Once we understand who our combined audience is, we can develop a well-defined promotional partnership plan.

Without a strong promotional plan, we are likely to fall grossly short of generating any new leads and sales. Good planning will help everyone involved to manage the expectations of this process, resulting in increased user opt-ins. and new lead generation as well as an increase to the bottom line.

Implementation is where the fun starts, but it requires just as much hard work as the research and planning stages. A successful campaign relies on a mix of marketing across all media, as well as across different channels and devices. Our team has put together a package following a step by step format for our partners.

Our plan encompasses creativity paired with solid planning and proven automated workflows designed to enhance your promotional stream. Engaging a Client Resource Manager (CRM) and business analytical software allows you (and us) to visualize the audience activity on your website. The metrics that really matter are the ones that relate directly to the campaign objectives and your bottom line. Reporting will increase our understanding of the successes and failures of our deployed marketing strategies. In our world, failure is not a dirty word when it comes to partnered promoting. Marketing by definition is an iterative process. We learn from each experience and take that knowledge to the next level for the next promotion.

If you are interested in becoming a promotional partner with Pamela J. Green, we encourage you to fill out the form so we can begin the process of taking that next important step.

Until then, I wish you so much success in all your endeavors.

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