Team Players

The most important ingredient for the success of anuy companu is the quality of its people, starting with its Leadership Team

Meet My Team

Kim Sayles

Kimberly S.

Executive Assistant

Kimberly will either be the first or second person you speak with when doing business with us. She will ensure you get to the right person and that your needs are met. This includes answering your initial questions, following up on your inquiries and facilitating your enrollment and ongoing experiences with our firm.

Brent B.

Business Liaison

Brent’s industry expertise is to help Client’s define, identify, and obtain the needed services and programs Pamela J. Green offers. If you or your organization is interested in connecting with Pam, please contact Brent to begin this conversation today.

Karen E.

Business Process Liaison

Karen supports the technology side of Pamela J. Green as well as handling day to day communications, online process management, and team support.