Leadership Mastery

Leadership teams (second teams) are those groups of individuals who report to the executives reporting to the CEO or Executive Director. This important middle layer, the “how” level of leadership, is responsible for planning and directing the strategies and tactics to achieve business ojectives.

Often caught in the middle, these leaders are the part of the organization that keeps things together and ensures goals are realized. When they are just marginally or poorly functioning, the results resemble a cake pulled from the oven too soon:  looks good on the outside, but the middle is a mess and therefore not consumable. If you’re in a blame culture, you blame the cake. If you’re in a culture of accountability, you examine the problem to determine what is needed to prevent it from happening again.


Let us help you boost your effectiveness through a process of assessment, development, and engagement that leads to your value on the bottom line.

Leadership Coaching

Our intimate one-on-one coaching program focuses on developing and honing the skills necessary to be an effective leader. These skills often include managing projects strategically, leading through conflict, building high-performing teams, and maintaining a strong personal foundation while thriving under pressure and scrutiny.

Our goal in the executive coaching program involves helping leaders and executives identify blind spots, boosting confidence to lead through the five realities faced by leaders today and strengthening executive presence.

Pamela uses both a directive and non-directive approach to coaching. Our clients, primarily executives who are in or approaching the C-Suite, enjoy her ability to comprehend their specific circumstances and relate to their experiences. This understanding, and her business expertise, allow them to rapidly build a trusting relationship and to achieve quick results – provided the coaching client is willing to roll up their sleeves and do the work – because accountability is key.

For maximum success, clients must be fully engaged in the coaching relationship, from identifying desired goals to remaining committed and focused throughout the process, so that together they can ultimately reach their intended outcomes.

Additionally, coaching clients gain access to a variety of assessments, tools, resources, and personalized training for a customized experience. Pam maintains a full roster of clients. If her roster is full, you will be invited to work with another exceptional member of our team.

If  you are seeking to:

  • Break down silos

  • Boost collaboration

  • Enhance communication

  • Reduce conflict

  • Develop promotable players

  • Promote inclusivity and diversity

  • Build trust throughout the organization

You’ll want to give us a call to learn about our facilitated leadership experiences.
We can help you advance your strategic initiatives.

Contact us today at 202-293-4965 or customercare@pamelajgreen.com.

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