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Executive teams are unique. As the “first team” in an organization, those who report to the CEO or Executive Director are responsible for setting the vision, establishing goals to achieve that vision, and creating a culture that ensures both are communicated successfully throughout the organization.

Additionally, executive development can be highly nuanced and complex because of the different stages of awareness, development and growth. Operational transformation is more than changing tools and resources, it is about the effective practice of skills that strengthens the bench of the senior-most levels in organizations. How?

  • Focus less on dysfunction and more on distinctions.
  • Establish self and team accountabilities.
  • Think as a team and not as individual contributors.
  • Grow as a team through shared learning and coaching experiences.

When not everyone in the organization understands what is written (goals, mission, vision, values, purpose), and how it applies to them personally, drilling it in the employee through a series of unilateral communication is one of the least effective ways of leading.

We work with executive teams to build disciplines in these 5 key areas that lead to exponential growth:

A clear Strategy will define how we will succeed. A success strategy is one where everyone in your business can state it in a clear, concise phrase or sentence.

2. Business Development
Predictability is the result of having outstanding Business Development and forecasting the future by using and understanding your actionable numbers.

3. People
Focusing on People brings stability. Stability is having high employee retention and engagement of the right people, with continuous team development.

4. Self/Other-Awareness
Both internal and external Awareness is required for transformation, but studies show that while most of us believe we are aware, only 10-15% actually are. We’ll work with your team to create deeper learning and transformation through awareness, the beginning of change.

5. Execution
How consistent is your business Execution? By implementing and following proven processes and routines as an organization, we become consistent in the eyes of our customers and our staff, and our financials will fall into line and continue to improve our efficiencies.

6. Mission
Have you created an emotional connection with your customers, your staff, your community and others? How well does your mission convey your values, purpose and commitment? When you are fulfilling this discipline, you’ll know because everyone will be emotionally connected and committed.

When all six areas are running well, we are adding two things: zeros to the bottom line and value. If one or more areas are low on air or flat, we are not reaching our potential, nor will we grow exponentially. To grow exponentially, your organization must be sustainable, predictable, stable, consistent and emotionally connected through these six disciplines.

Are you adding zeros, or are you adding zero?


Let us help you boost your effectiveness through a process of assessment, development, and engagement that leads to your value on the bottom line.

Executive Coaching

What is Executive Coaching?
Executive Coaching is professional coaching with a focus on developing executive-level leadership skills — the skills needed to drive change, manage complexity, conflict, build highperforming teams, and maintain a strong personal foundation to thrive under pressure and sometimes scrutiny.

How will we work together?
We use a change management, solutions, and goals-focused approach to executive coaching because the window for achieving results for executive leaders closes much faster than with nonexecutives. This approach is one of the most effective ways of achieving quick results in a compressed amount of time.

Specifically, we will:

  • Clarify your role and ensure it is aligned with the organization’s priorities;
  • Discuss leading teams and creating collaborative experiences;
  • Identify and modify behaviors that may impede your leadership ability and executive
  • Uncover and address obstacles that could sabotage your success;
  • Explore working with difficult people and turning around difficult situations; and
  • Enhance your ability to manage leadership intelligence (self-awareness, your emotions,
    and motivating others).

What can I expect?
Expect to be challenged respectfully. We need you to be willing to experiment with fresh approaches and be open to redesigning the parts of your brand that you are able to right now.
This will help you more easily reach your goals and successfully adopt new behaviors.

Benefits of working with an executive coach?

  • You’ll take more, better and smarter actions because you set the goals you really want
    and that are critical for your personal, professional, and business development.
  • Confidence to ask for and get what you want and to work through conflict, scrutiny, and
    other challenges that face today’s leaders.
  • Make better decisions for yourself, find greater satisfaction as a business leader because
    your focus is clear.
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