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Personalized Coach Training Experience

Our personalized coach training program is designed for business professionals like you who want better control over where you get your training and how you complete the training experience. In this complex world of work, leaders like you want trainers and developers like us to make it simple and easy for you to gain access to the knowledge required to build skills and boost internal equity and effectiveness.

To facilitate this, we’ve designed this training experience in a way that allows you to go as fast as you’d like. You can complete this 72-hour program in as little as 8 weeks or as long as 15 weeks. You go at your own pace – no regularly scheduled calls, in-person meetings or other demands on your time, just an end date. You must complete this experience within 6 months of your Orientation call, the first step in your program. That’s it.

Why 6 months? Studies show that focused, concentrated training with optimized space between sessions is advantageous because it allows for more latent, between-session, and post-training learning to emerge. Too much time and you could lose momentum, and even worse, your learning experience could fade.

Our focused training with support from your mentor and coach facilitator ensures that you experience customized development suited to your individual needs at a pace that you control.

To be successful with this program, set aside time each week to:

  • Read the materials.
  • Watch the training video.
  • Make note of key concepts and of items that stand out for you.
  • Listen to and evaluate the skill demonstration.
  • Write in your coach training journal.
  • Complete the homework.
  • Take the quiz and achieve an 80% pass rate.
  • Practice coaching.

In addition, all students receive access to our Professional Community where you will interact, brainstorm, and receive guidance and support from fellow and former students and likeminded business professionals. This is a key area for your success.

Click here to access the syllabus for our Personalized Learn to Coach Program.

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