Train My Team

Train My Team

Our ICF-Approved Training Program is now yours to purchase and brand as your own. You can take our ready-made program, add your own branding and use it as you see fit under our resell license.  Some companies purchase and use it right “out of the box”; others make modifications and customize it to their needs.  The choice is yours and you can use the training repeatedly.

Here’s what you get:

  • 2 Tracks—Coaching 101 and Internal Coaching

    Track 1 (Coaching Basics) – Foundational coach training  that you can modify and customize with a focus of your choice. For example, if you’d like to train clients how to be a health coach or a customer service coach, or even an HR coach, you can use our program to cover an entire training program, plus tweak or add materials to customize your approach.

    Track 2 (Internal Coaching) – Another foundational favorite for companies who have a certified coach and want an “out of the box” program to teach others internally the skill of coaching.

  • An Instructional Video with tips and strategies to get your program up and running quickly.
  • All of ICF’s Core Competencies.
  • A host of supplemental articles and resources.
  • One-hour consult with Pamela J. Green, program creator.
  • One-hour “Train the Trainer” session.
Coaching is a rapidly evolving industry with tremendous growth potential. In times of uncertainty, people will seek personal and professional development to help reinforce values, build new skills and open doors to new opportunities. As a coach trainer, you have the ability to cultivate positive, meaningful change in the world by helping improve the lives and workplace experiences of others. Train others in coaching skills and empower them to make better, smarter decisions and set goals that are critical for their personal, professional, and business development.
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