HR: The CEO of Your Role

Every successful CEO must have a broad understanding of the business from the inside out. This means that in order to have influence throughout the organization, the HR leader must also know how to ensure all of the interdependent parts of the organization become interconnected to achieve the goals of the entire organization and not just HR.

This requires the HR leader to understand how the business operates (makes money, loses money, and manages its resources), it’s internal and external stakeholders, influencers, and to align human resources strategy with business goals, including how to influence, motivate, and bring viable solutions to business challenges.

If you want to be taken seriously, for your voice to be sought and heard and to influence important business decisions, you’ll want to learn how to become the CEO of your role and how to align and integrate HR accountabilities with the organization’s strategic plan.

  • Design an effective and aligned HR strategy based on business operations.
  • Create an aligned HR finance report on the ROI of HR activities.
  • Develop a cross-functional relationship with the finance/operations teams.
  • Understand how your responsibilities can affect the bottom line and the measures and analytics that offer quantifiable results.


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