Here are some of the facts about networking according to

  • 70 – 80% of all jobs are found through networking
  • Every person you meet has 200 – 250 people with whom they connect who can potentially assist you
  • Anyone that you might want to meet or contact in the world, is only five to six people contacts away from you

A small network could result in an even smaller net worth. Networking brings value to you and to your organization. Meet people, discuss your most pressing challenges, exhale a little and generate new ideas while getting refreshed and motivated for the next big thing sure to come your way.

Why HR leaders? Because HR leaders are notorious for caring for everyone else’s brand and do much less for their own. Sure, you can come if you’re not an HR leader, but the stories we tell are sure to set your hair on fire! Learn, laugh, eat and walk away with your brand on FULL!

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