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Executive sessions are closed confidential meetings which allow the senior most leaders of an organization, such as its executives and board of directors, the space to address topics or situations of a very sensitive nature. In like manner, our executive sessions are designed to extend to you the same courtesies. Pam and her team have created a closed confidential space that will allow you to share your challenges and obtain executive insights, coaching and development to address your most pressing leadership issues.

Only executive-minded leaders seeking strategic insight into leadership dilemmas should join these closed sessions. The setting is safe, relaxed and a lot personal. There will be four in-person half-day sessions and four virtual experiences on topics that range from how to demonstrate leadership presence and successfully conveying your thoughts and ideas to working through individual and team conflict.

Each session is designed to help you learn, share and obtain the needed coaching to secure your development as an executive and organizational leader. Come prepared to be challenged and to sharpen your leadership skills. Plus, you may be able to earn valuable recertification credit and a certificate of completion for each program you attend.

In a season of positivity, mindfulness, and civility, organizations are overrun by people whose mental and emotional behaviors are extreme. So extreme in fact, that it appears these often severe and intense behaviors are becoming the new norm in our workplaces.

Everything from yelling and screaming to passive aggressive behaviors that go unchecked, can lead to very sick work environments. This results in turnover, increased absenteeism, low morale, and ultimately strategic drift. Ill-equipped to handle these excessive behaviors, employers are left struggling how to figure out how to either manage or fire these challenging employees and leaders without being sued.

There is help and it’s quite simple if you have the courage to lead. We will will take every minute of this program to help you detect the signs and symptoms of a culture that is hijacked by extreme behaviors, determine the best approach for change, and finally help you establish a hire to retire system of continuity for sustainability.

If you are currently dealing with your own brand of crazy on the job or just want to be prepared to handle it when it comes your way, this program is for you. Learn from real life case studies and walk away prepared for just about anything.

If you’ve heard one of Pam’s keynotes on this topic, you’ve only scratched the surface. In this 3-hour experience, Pam and her team will help you take a deep dive and practice skills that can lead to a valued and credible brand.

Did you know “Executive Presence” makes up 26% of what it takes to get promoted? Your Executive Presence consists of your appearance, your confidence and how you are perceived. Strategic Presence is a step further. It encompasses all the elements of Executive Presence, plus the bonus of business strategy. It’s one thing to be perceived as promotable, it’s another thing to deliver on that brand promise. This is where many Executive Presence programs stop and we continue.

Not only will you learn how to develop your winning executive presence and sway perception in your favor as THE leadership choice, but you’ll also be able to apply the key elements of business strategy in everything you do, including: 

  • Learn the 5 domains of “executive presence” and why they are so
    important to your success.
  • Discover the key to increasing your confidence, promotability and income.
    Examine how your body language can either interfere or enhance how you are perceived.
  • Uncover common blind spots that keep you missing out on opportunities and cause you not to be taken seriously.
  • Identify and apply key elements of business strategy that lead to greater leadership effectiveness.

In a closed-door environment, draw upon jaw-dropping real-world experiences to shape your brand for the next level in your career. If you are looking for a way to boost your credibility and reputation, or want to help a struggling leader, you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

We all want to be influential. We want to obtain position and title and capture the hearts and minds of others to make an impact on organizational outcomes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be a person of influence, provided you are prepared for scrutiny.

Having everything you do or say (or have ever done or said) being constantly held up to observation and examination by, well, everyone, comes with the leadership territory. The higher you go, the more aggressive it can become and unfair it may seem.  If you are unprepared to recognize and address this threat, you will crumble and fall to the pressure of it every single time it parks at your door because scrutiny will crush your character and kill your future.

Until now, unless you were an executive with an executive coach or found comfort in a small group of similarly situated executives, you were left to your own devices to figure this thing out.  This program will not only help you prepare for and respond to scrutiny but also learn how it can benefit you if you know what to do when it comes.

Becoming a leader of influence is about transforming and preparing your mind BEFORE you get the seat. Leaders who struggle with imposter syndrome and feelings of inadequacy are more susceptible to the negative impact of scrutinization. In this 3-hour interactive experience, we’ll help you build a framework for executive thinking and speaking to help you crash through those false images of inadequacy and effectively handle the stress of scrutiny.

This program is only for individuals ready to lead. Leaders who want to know what to do when blind-sided by unfair attacks, innuendos and passive-aggressive behaviors, will want to attend this program.

Organizational innovation should be fluid, where creativity is free-flowing throughout the organization – at all levels at all times. If it is not, then perhaps your idea of innovation is limited to those scheduled meetings in colorful rooms of newsprint, sticky notes and scented markers?

Innovation is taking something that already exists and making it better, unique and/or in some way different. This can happen at any time of the day or night and if your employees aren’t bringing you their best ideas, there’s a problem and it could be culture clutter.

Culture clutter occurs when 1) you don’t know what to do with new ideas, 2) new ideas die in a dark hole of unproductive meetings, and 3) new ideas simply don’t surface.

In this 3-hour hands-on experience, we’ll walk you through our trademarked innovation strategy, explore methods to minimize risks and roadblocks, and establish collaborative experiences that result in action, accountability, and achievement of goals. 

Only individuals who want to influence their organization’s culture of innovation and experience the energy of free-flowing ideas need attend this program.    

2019 Dates

Executive Bundle

Executive Bundle

$157 $ 127 00
per month for 4 months
  • Columbus OH - Registration deadline Mar 19
  • Washington DC - Registration deadline Mar 12
  • Los Angeles CA - Registration deadline Mar 5
  • 1/2 Day | Price includes all materials, virtual programs, and meals

April: Executive Session – Monthly Zoom Chat – Tuesday at 2pm EST – April 9

Navigating The Neuroscience of Crazy

Executive Training Session

$ 157 00
per Event
  • Columbus OH - March 26 (Registration deadline Mar 19)
  • Washington, DC - March 12 (Registration deadline Mar 5)
  • Los Angeles, CA - March 19 (Registration deadline Mar 12)
  • 1/2 Day | Price includes all materials, virtual programs, and meals

April: Executive Session – Monthly Zoom Chat – Tuesday at 2pm EST – April 9

Developing Strategic

Executive Training Session

$ 157 00
per Event
  • Columbus OH - May 7 (Registration deadline Apr 30)
  • Washington, DC - May 14 (Registration deadline May 6)
  • Los Angeles, CA - May 21 (Registration deadline May 13)
  • 1/2 Day | Price includes all materials, virtual programs, and meals

April: Executive Session – Monthly Zoom Chat – Tuesday at 2pm EST – April 9

Step Up to Scrutiny and Become
a Leader of Influence

Executive Training Session

$ 157 00
per Event
  • Los Angeles, CA - July 9 (Registration deadline Jul 1)
  • Columbus, OH - July 23 (Registration deadline Jul 15)
  • Washington, DC - July 30 (Registration deadline Jul 22)
  • 1/2 Day | Price includes all materials, virtual programs, and meals

September: Executive Session – Monthly Zoom Chat- Tuesdays at 2pm EST – September 10

Developing A Culture of
Innovation and Creativity

Executive Training Session

$ 157 00
per Event
  • Los Angeles CA - September 24 (Registration deadline Sep 16)
  • Columbus OH - October 8 (Registration deadline Oct 1)
  • Washington, DC - October 22 (Registration deadline Oct 14)
  • 1/2 Day | Price includes all materials, virtual programs, and meals

November: Executive Session – Monthly Zoom Chat- Tuesdays at 2pm EST – Nov 5

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