Executive Development

There is a considerable difference between a good leader and a great one, but luckily, with a little hard work and investment, just about any leader can be developed into a great if not excellent leader. Pamela J. Green Solutions has been working with top executives in their fields for decades, helping them hone their skills in communication, conflict resolution, presence, coaching and team development.

Leadership is full of excitement and challenges. The thrill of leading people and processes while creating systems is what draws us into roles in the first place. There are many situational roadblocks that can derail even the best leader – if we are unprepared. Through an iterative process of training and coaching, we are prepared to help your leaders achieve success through some of the most pressing challenges you face.

To learn more about our approach, the specific core competencies we work to develop, and more about why they work, contact us at 202-293-4965 or email us at customercare@pamelajgreen.com to set up an introductory call.

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