Executive Coaching

Our intimate one-on-one Executive Coaching program focuses on developing and honing the skills necessary to be an effective leader. These skills often include managing projects strategically, leading through conflict, building high performing teams, and maintaining a strong personal foundation while thriving under pressure and scrutiny. Our goal in the executive coaching program involves helping leaders identify blind spots, boosting confidence to lead through the five realities faced by leaders today and strengthening executive presence.
Pamela uses both a directive and non-directive approach to coaching. Our clients, primarily executives who are in or approaching the C-suite, enjoy her ability to comprehend their specific circumstances and relate to their experiences. This understanding, and her business expertise, allows them to rapidly build a trusting relationship and to achieve quick results — provided the coaching client is willing to roll up their sleeves and do the work.
For maximum success, clients must be fully engaged in the coaching relationship, from identifying desired goals to remaining committed and focused throughout the process, so that together they can ultimately reach their intended outcomes.
To get started on your path to greatness, contact us today at 202-293-4965 or customercare@pamelajgreen.com.
What People Are Saying About Us…
"Pam was every bit of what I needed and more. She dug deep and forced me to think outside the box. She offered tools and methods to strengthen my thought leadership and build my self-confidence. Pam's coaching was an integral part of catapulting me to the next level in my career."
Franshaun T.
VP, Strategy
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