Schedule of 2019 Events

Connect With Pam in Person At These Upcoming Events.

03.19.2019Navigating The Neuroscience of CrazyCalifornia
03.26.2019Navigating The Neuroscience of CrazyOhio
04.03.2019TMTC 10 Week Blended BeginsWashington, DC
04.09.2019Executive SessionMonthly Zoom Chat
04.24.2019Quarterly HRCCIGraduates Zoom Chat
05.07.2019Developing Strategic PresenceOhio
05.14.2019Developing Strategic PresenceWashington, DC
05.21.2019Developing Strategic PresenceCalifornia
06.11.2019Executive SessionMonthly Zoom Chat
07.19.2019Develop Strategic Presence Step up to ScrutinyCalifornia
07.23.2019 Develop Strategic Presence Step up to ScrutinyOhio
07.24.2019Quarterly HRCCIGraduates Zoom Chat
07.30.2019Develop Strategic Presence Step up to ScrutinyWashington DC
08.06.201915 Week Virtual Program Begins
09.04.2019TMTC 10 Week Blended Begins Washington, DC
09.10.2019Executive SessionMonthly Zoom Chat
09.24.2019Unblock & Unlock A Culture of Innovation & CreativityCalifornia
10.01.2019 - 10.04.2019Conflict Coach Certification
10.08.2019Unblock & Unlock A Culture of Innovation & CreativityOhio
10.22.2019Unblock & Unlock A Culture of Innovation & CreativityWashington, DC
10.23.2019Quarterly HRCCI
Graduates Zoom Chat
11.05.2019Executive SessionMonthly Zoom Chat