Crucial Collaboration: Playbook for Influential Leadership

Collaboration is getting individuals to work together to achieve a defined common business purpose. However, ever-increasing organizational complexities, territorial games and personal biases often interfere with the process of making sound business decisions.  Someone has to oversee the collaborative effort to prevent initiatives from becoming stagnate. 

How do you get really talented people to work together without losing focus? Getting into conflict? Going adrift?

Many executives have realized a new playbook for business success is needed. Leaders accustomed to old school corporate silos and politics are exchanging outdated and unproductive command and control behaviors for a greater capacity to engage and inspire performers towards a common higher level of achievement. 

In this training, participants will learn how to take charge of their role as Chief Collaborator to achieve the higher level of performance needed for organizational success. 

Based in part on research published by Harvard Business Review, they’ll discover the behaviors of a collaborative leader, learn from first-hand cases, and identify how to apply these practices immediately in the office. In addition, in this training, participants will be challenged to assess their own collaborative IQ’s and learn how to practice the skills of collaboration that leads to improved organizational performance and career success.

  • Become a “business partner” at their organization by having direct impact on a major business initiative.
  • Use collaboration to communicate and reinforce their organization’s values and ethics within their organization. 
  • Lead a change initiative within your organizations not how you can manage change.
  • How to apply coaching skills to influence critical thinking and gain greater cross-functional buy-in on business initiatives.


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