The Neuroscience of Crazy

In a season of positivity, mindfulness, and civility, organizations are overrun by people whose mental and emotional behaviors are extreme. So extreme in fact, that it appears these often severe and intense behaviors are becoming the new norm in our workplaces. 

Everything from yelling and screaming to passive aggressive behaviors that go unchecked, can lead to very sick work environments. This results in turnover, increased absenteeism, low morale, and ultimately strategic drift. Ill-equipped to handle these excessive behaviors, employers are left struggling how to figure out how to either manage or fire these challenging employees and leaders without being sued.

There is help and it’s quite simple if you have the courage to lead. We will will take every minute of this program to help you detect the signs and symptoms of a culture that is hijacked by extreme behaviors, determine the best approach for change, and finally help you establish a hire to retire system of continuity for sustainability.

If you are currently dealing with your own brand of crazy on the job or just want to be prepared to handle it when it comes your way, this program is for you. Learn from real life case studies and walk away prepared for just about anything.

  • Use collaboration to communicate and reinforce their organization’s values and ethics within their organization 
  • Lead a change initiative within their organizations not how they can manage change.
  • How to apply coaching skills to influence critical thinking and gain greater cross functional buy-in on business initiatives
  • Understand how to coach others to a higher level of intelligence and influence.
  • Learn how good conflict can actually boost the company’s bottom line when properly managed. 
  • How to adopt a change management strategy that addresses conflict as a key element of change.

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