7 Keys to Intentional Leadership Success

Coming in February 2020

Intentional leaders not only know how to deal with scrutiny and the 5 realities of leadership but they also fearlessly step up and challenge it head on.

We all want to be influential. We want to obtain position and title and capture the hearts and minds of others to make an impact on organizational outcomes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be a person of influence, but it requires both intentionality and the never-ending ability to squash the negative impact of scrutiny.

Having everything you do or say (or have ever done or said) being constantly held up to observation and examination by, well, everyone, comes with the leadership territory. The higher you go, the more aggressive it can become and unfair it may seem.  If you are unprepared to recognize and address this threat, you will crumble and fall to the pressure of it every single time it parks at your door because scrutiny will crush your character and kill your future. 

Until now, unless you were an executive with an executive coach or found comfort in a small group of similarly situated executives, you were left to your own devices to figure this thing out.  This program will not only help you prepare for and respond to scrutiny but also learn how it can benefit you if you are prepared when it comes – because it WILL come.

Intentional leaders are mentally and emotionally prepared BEFORE they step into challenging situations. It doesn’t mean you won’t be affected, but it does mean you can minimize its negative impact. Leaders who struggle with imposter syndrome and feelings of inadequacy are more susceptible to the negative impact of scrutinization. In this 3-hour interactive experience, we’ll help you build a framework for executive thinking and speaking to help you crash through those false images of inadequacy and effectively handle the stress of scrutiny. 

This program is only for individuals ready to lead. Leaders who want to know what to do when blind-sided by unfair attacks, innuendos and passive-aggressive behaviors, will want to attend this program.

Key takeaways include:

  1. Leading self: establishing vision, self-accountability and emotional intelligence
  2. Leading others: building relationships and combating the 5 realities of leading the organization
  3. Leading the organization: change management and effective communication